About BEAM

What is BEAM?
Established in June 2015, the Body-positive Empowerment and Acceptance Movement (BEAM) is a peer-run organization at the City College of New York that aims to engage, inform, and provide resources for the student body on the topics of eating disorders (and disordered eating), body-positivity, body-acceptance, and related topics.

Our Vision
BEAM’s overall vision is having everyone within our community feel that their body is respected and for everyone to have equal access to resources that help promote this respect. We envision that such a community is free of oppressive and stigmatizing notions that surround our bodies, and promotes concepts such as consent and empowerment of marginalized voices.

Our Mission
BEAM’s mission consists of the following three parts:

  1. Educate the students of CCNY on various topics including: body positivity, body-acceptance, eating disorders, fatphobia, and the intersection of these topics with other social justice issues.
  2. Create a safe environment for individuals to discuss these topics, so as to promote their destigmatization.
  3. Provide resources for individuals who are seeking information or support for related issues (e.g. eating disorders).

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